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At Powell & Partners Wealth Management our passion is to grow and protect the wealth of our High Net Worth and Ultra-High Net Worth Families.

Solutions for Business Owners

As a business owner, you face unique financial challenges and opportunities. Our job is to provide clear, effective financial planning and insurance solutions tailored just for business owners like you.

We focus on protecting your business now while helping you plan for a successful future. This includes everything from insurance that covers you if a key team member can’t work, to strategies that help your business grow and stay strong.

Family Wealth Protection

We understand that protecting your family’s wealth involves more than just strategic investment; it requires a comprehensive approach that encompasses risk management, estate planning, tax optimization, and insurance solutions.

By customizing our services to meet the specific needs and goals of each family, we provide a robust shield that guards against potential financial threats, from market volatility and legal challenges to tax liabilities and unforeseen life events. 

Farmers & Centurian Farms

We recognize that every farm is as unique as the family that runs it, which is why we go beyond traditional financial services to include family dynamics and succession planning in our consultations.

Our experts work closely with farmers to create custom solutions that address the challenges of modern farming, from enhancing liquidity and managing debt to navigating the transfer of the farm within the family while maintaining fairness among all heirs. 

Expert Guidance

Experienced Team of Professionals

Choosing a team led by Norm Powell means you’re backed by over 16 years of his extensive experience at the highest levels of the financial planning and insurance industry.

Beyond his personal expertise, Norm distinguishes himself by drawing on the collective wisdom of some of the country’s top consultants. This network of knowledge ensures that the strategies and advice you receive are not only deeply informed but also encompass the best practices and innovative thinking in financial planning and insurance.

Expert Wealth Guidance

Customized Solutions

High Net Worth

We offer tailored plans designed specifically for high net worth individuals looking to protect and grow their wealth. Our services cater to your unique financial needs, ensuring your assets are managed efficiently and securely.

Get in touch to discover how our specialized plans can provide the security and growth your wealth deserves. Let’s secure your financial future together.

Advanced Strategies

Ultra High Net Worth

For ultra high-net-worth individuals, our specialized services offer unmatched expertise and discretion. 

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities your wealth presents and utilize strategies tailored to your needs.

Leverage our deep industry knowledge and extensive network to protect, grow, and manage your substantial assets.

When the founder of Rogers Communications, Ted Rogers passed away with a personal net –worth of about 7 Billion, why did he have 100 Million dollars of life insurance? Because he needed it!