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Tailored strategies to protect farmers and multi-generational farms

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Estate Planning

Ensure a smooth transition: Plan your estate for a worry-free retirement.

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Farm Rollover

Act now for seamless succession: Shape your legacy, safeguard your farm’s future.


Forge a multi-generational legacy, ensuring prosperity across generations.

Farm Transition

Maximize savings, protect assets: Start tax sheltering to enhance your financial stability.

Succession Planning

Multi-Generational Strategies

Navigating the complex landscape of financial and tax planning for century-old farms requires a strategic, forward-thinking approach. As we dive into the intricacies of preserving your agricultural legacy, it’s essential to employ innovative financial solutions tailored to safeguard your farm’s future.

By embracing sophisticated estate planning tools, such as trusts and estate freezes, you position your farm to stay strong for generations while minimizing tax liabilities and ensuring a seamless transition of wealth.

Farm Rollover

Farm Rollover

Solutions for Non Farming Children

Farm rollover solutions are designed to address the unique challenges of passing a family farm from one generation to the next, particularly in ensuring the continuity of the farm while also recognizing the interests of non-farming children.

These solutions involve strategic planning and the use of legal and financial instruments to transfer ownership of the farm to the next generation, often the child or children interested in continuing the farming business. The key is to maintain the operational integrity and financial viability of the farm throughout the transition, ensuring that it remains a sustainable enterprise.

Capital Gain Exemption

Capital Gains Exemption

The capital gains exemption for farmers is a significant benefit that allows them to minimize the tax impact when selling their farm property or passing it on to the next generation. Specifically, this exemption can be applied to the sale of qualified farm property, which includes land, buildings, and equipment used in the farming business.

For eligible farmers, this means that a portion of the capital gains realized from the sale of the farm property may not be subject to capital gains tax, thereby reducing the overall tax burden associated with the transfer or sale of the farm. 

Farm Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Planning for your farm’s future is unique—it’s not just paperwork. Using smart strategies like trusts helps keep your farm healthy and in the family. Talk to farm planning experts to make a plan that fits your farm’s needs and keeps your legacy strong.

Farm Transition Planning

Tax sheltering is key for farm owners to keep more money in the business. By investing in things like retirement plans or using special farm deductions, you can lower your tax bill. It’s smart to work with a tax professional who understands farming. They can help you find the best tax breaks and make sure you’re saving as much as possible.