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High Net Worth

Personalized Solutions for High Net Worth Families​

Recognizing the importance of continuity and security for generations to come, we place a strong emphasis on legacy planning and intergenerational wealth transfer.

Our solutions are crafted to ensure that your values and vision are reflected in the way your wealth is preserved and passed on. We also understand the significance of privacy and discretion for high net worth families, ensuring that all dealings and strategies are handled with the utmost confidentiality.

Asset Protection and Liquidity Management

Our asset protection strategies aim to shield your investments, real estate, and valuable assets from legal issues, market ups and downs, and taxes. By using trusts, companies, and insurance, we build a strong defense for your wealth, giving you confidence that your financial legacy is secure.

On the liquidity management side, we make sure you have enough cash on hand for short-term needs without hurting your long-term investments. It’s all about finding the right balance so you can handle expenses or take advantage of opportunities without dipping into the growth of your portfolio. Our approach keeps your finances flexible and your wealth growing.

Charitable Giving and Philanthropy

Beyond the societal impact, charitable giving can also offer tangible benefits for donors, including tax advantages that can make financial planning more efficient. Strategically structured philanthropic contributions can reduce taxable income, optimize estate values, and enhance the overall strategy for wealth preservation and growth.

Engaging in philanthropy allows high net worth individuals to align their wealth with their values, creating a positive loop of impact and satisfaction that transcends generations, making it an integral part of our wealth management approach.

Expert Guidance

Experienced Team of Professionals

Our team’s expertise in managing the complexities of high net worth families’ financial landscapes is deeply rooted in the extensive experience of professionals like Ken Doll. With an impressive tenure of 28 years in the field, Ken exemplifies the depth of knowledge and personalized care we bring to our clients. 

Ken has three degrees in business, economics, and political science from the University of Alberta, along with the completion of the Institute of Corporate Directors designation (ICD.D), (CFP), Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU), and Trust and Estate Practitioner (TEP). 

When the founder of Rodgers Communications, Ted Rodgers Passed with a personal Net –Worth of about 7 Billion, why did he have 100 Million dollars of life insurance? Because he needed it.